Phase I: Written Student Application & Teacher Recommendation

The written student application consists of three sections:

  1. Student Summary
  2. Two Student Essays
  3. Teacher Recommendation

Students must apply online through this website during the open season (January 15-April 1, 2024). Only
completed applications will be considered. No extensions will be granted.

Each essay should be between 300-400 words and free of grammatical errors.

Phase II: Interview

Once applications are reviewed, applicants will be notified by early May 2024 if they received an
interview. Interviews will be held at the FBI Chicago Field Office in mid-late May 2024. Each interview
lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.

Program Selections

After student interviews are conducted, admission counselors will finalize candidate selections and
notify applicants of program status by June 2024. All correspondence with applicants will be via e-mail.

Apply Online

Students and teachers can access the online application and teacher recommendation form at the following links:
Student Application / Essay
Teacher Recommendation

Be sure to fill out the online forms in their entirety before submitting. The two forms do not have to be
submitted on the same day, but both need to be submitted before the deadline. We recommend that
you write out your essays in a separate document before submitting so that you will have a copy.

Applications for the fall of 2024 will be open from January 15-April 1, 2024. Please do not submit an
application outside of our open season
as they will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].