“The FBI explorers program was an amazing experience. I was able to meet new people and learn
new skills that are useful in everyday life. Every session is fun and exciting, you’ll never want to miss a
day. The best part of the experience is meeting the agents and learning of all the jobs that are available
in the FBI. You would probably think there’s only a need for agents with a criminal justice background
but this program gives you insight into all areas that apply to the FBI such as computer science,
linguistics and forensics. I encourage all in high school with an interest to apply for this program. You
won’t regret it.”
-Amanda B. (2018-2019 Explorer)

“I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn about life, law enforcement, and community
at the Chicago FBI Explorer Program. The lessons I learned from being around the Special Agents and my
squad were invaluable and they have helped me become who I am today. I am the vice president of the
Baylor Forensic Society at Baylor University, and I am studying psychology and minoring in forensic
science. I hope to have a career in law enforcement in the future so I can have a chance to impact
people’s lives the way this program has impacted mine.”
-Sarah L. (2019-2020 Explorer)

“The Explorer program taught me so many things about the FBI.  I was able to meet agents who
talked about past cases and I found that very interesting.  It was also a great experience since I was
curious about pursuing a career in the FBI.  Not only did we learn more about the Bureau, they also
taught us good life skills like how to have a successful interview, and how team work is important in
many jobs.”
-Rose O. (2021-2022 Explorer)

“”What I loved about the program was that they actually let you be hands-on, everything that you learned can not only be applied in the program but also in any real-life situation. For example, in one of the sessions for interviewing and surveillance, I learned about becoming aware of situations and how to deal with people and their emotions, and how to handle their reactions. That is still something that I use now that I’m in college. Currently, I am a freshman at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. At first, I was just going to be a psychology major, but after doing the program, I became more interested in how and why the crime was occurring. I decided I want to learn and help with that problem, and after one of the sessions, that dealt with the evidence response team, I was astounded by how interesting and just overall cool it was, that I wanted to learn how to do that too. Now I’m majoring in psychology, minoring in criminology, and getting a certificate in forensic science.”

You come into this program having this perception of what the FBI is like, and you leave with so much more. You’ll experience and learn to communicate, take initiative, and be a leader. Although serious topics were involved, they made it fun. They’re also human, so we all had some good laughs. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to have met and learned from not only the Bureau but the agents as well, they were all amazing, and if I could have the chance to do it again, I would a million times say yes. With that being said, I encourage every high schooler to apply, even if you are slightly curious, you never know where it might lead, and the FBI might be able to help.”
-Carleagle P. (2021-2022 Explorer)

“Before becoming a part of this Explorers Program, I knew very little about the FBI. It provided
me with a wide spectrum of fields and allowed me to communicate with employees of the Bureau. The
activities also included in this program gave me a hands-on experience with the FBI. I believe anyone
who is interested in the FBI should apply for this program as it will inspire them to dive deeper into the
-Nick S. (2021-2022 Explorer)

“The FBI explorer program has been central in my understanding of how the FBI truly operates
and leadership skills. My first year with the program was filled with exciting events every session. I
would walk in thinking nothing will top last week’s session. And surely, the next session was better, as
was the next, and the next up until graduation. Not only was I captivated by the lessons and the
speakers, but the hands-on portion of the sessions also allowed me to apply what I learned and see
everything in action. I learned valuable skills that I still use such as rapport building, effective
communication skills, and adaptability. The beauty of this program, in addition to working with real FBI
personnel in the FBI office and learning amazing skills, is that you get to come back. Be it as a mentor or
as a returner to help out, the people in the program are very welcoming. And coming back as a mentor
has truly been rewarding. I have had the pleasure of leading my own squad and fostering an
appreciation and excitement for the sessions like what I felt my first year. I can also improve my
leadership skills as I lead my squad through our sessions. This program is a must-do for all that find it—
not just for those interested in the FBI or criminal justice. The people you meet here and the skills
aquifer are unparalleled.”
-Miruna C. (2021-2022 Explorer, 2022-2023 Student Leader)

“The FBI program doesn’t only give me a really cool escape from my regular week but also a
opportunity to lead in a unique and cool way with amazing mentors.”
-Julian H. (2021-2022 Explorer, 2022-2023 Student Leader)

“During my experience in the Explorers program, I learned many valuable lessons such as the
process of gathering information on a case, the importance of rapport, what steps to take to act upon
the evidence you have received, and different roles within the Bureau. I enjoyed listening to many
different speakers describe their experiences getting into the FBI and what their current work consists
of. It made me understand that there are many paths one can take in their career to join the FBI. My
favorite experience during the program was the final project where I was able to interview a special
agent on a cyber case. This was my favorite experience because I worked with my teammates on
conducting an interview and presenting our findings to an audience. In this program, I also learned
practical life skills such as being a responsible individual on social media, skills to build a resume, and
working in a group setting. These are a few moments during the program that made me want to
consider working with the FBI in the future. As someone who went into this program with no clue on an
intended career, this program played a large role in guiding me towards a career in the law enforcement
-Amneet K. (2021-2022 Explorer)