The FBI explorers program was an amazing experience. I was able to meet new people and learn new skills that are useful in everyday life. Every session is fun and exciting, you’ll never want to miss a day. The best part of the experience is meeting the agents and learning of all the jobs that are available in the FBI. You would probably think there’s only a need for agents with a criminal justice background but this program gives you insight into all areas that apply to the FBI such as computer science, linguistics and forensics. I encourage all in high school with an interest to apply for this program. You won’t regret it. 

– Amanda B., 2018-2019 Explorer

Being given the opportunity to join Chicago’s FBI Explorer Program back in the fall of 2012 was an opportunity that I am most thankful for today. The program gave me the opportunity to be exposed to the variety of fields that make up the FBI and to build relationships with incredible people who dedicate their time to  improve our community, nation, and world– that is what I loved the most. The mentors are very passionate when teaching about the different fields (e.g cyber crime, crisis management) and ensure that we (mentees) experience scenarios as realistic as possible. Above all, this program serves as a model of what truly is important: to serve our community in hopes of making a positive multigenerational change.
This program has influenced my life in ways I did not imagine and continues to do so as I attend college. It allowed me to explore my interest and helped expand my understanding of the FBI. Many of the agents with whom I continue to stay in contact  have guided me as I continue my own journey. The only way for you to understand me, is by joining this amazing family.

– Isabela D.

The FBI Explorer Program allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a real agent. As an explorer, what I loved most about the program  was the hands-on opportunities  at each session. Each session  was composed of a different topic such as: how to interview a suspect. Once you learned the fundamentals, it  was time to go hands-on and actually interview someone who might not want to cooperate with you – So… what will you do? These hands-on experiences will be presented during all sessions and for each of the topics.
I learned a variety of things from my experience as an explorer. Each session taught  different things and allowed  us to discover. It was surprising to learn how a simple topic  could  be very complex. One of the most important things  I  learned from the program  was that you need to consider all of the topics presented when developing your final case; you never know what you will need to use.
This program was truly my favorite activity during high school. I hope that you will find interest in this program and possibly become a future explorer yourself.

– Marek S.

I had an amazing learning experience while I was in the explorer program. I met different wonderful agents with different specialties. I learned the steps that are taken to solving a case like an agent. I didn’t have a favorite part because every session was exciting for me. I always looked forward to the classes and never missed one because every day was something new, and I didn’t want to miss out. My fellow classmates were also amazing because together we learned how to solve many problems we encountered during each session. The class has taught me that teamwork is needed in any field you want to pursue, and I would definitely encourage many people to participate in the program.

– Sequena J.